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    Clitoral suction pump, obviously. To suck.

    + How it works: This is one of the sex toys that acts like a suction cup, a beautiful pink-magenta color, that fits over the clitoris. It is attached to a plastic tube ending in a pear species. When pressed, like when the doctor presses the small pump to take the pressure, the suction cup sucks blood collects around the clitoris and increases sensitivity and arousal.

    + Feeling providing: why will want a suck their private parts? Well, the truth is that, in addition to sucking, the device vibrates, which adds a little interest to the subject, but not enough to be too exciting. In an attempt to see if another texture would give me more pleasure, I changed the suction pad (one is smooth, the other has four toes tingling) but like nothing. My boyfriend helped me pressing the valve that is supposed to air out more deprida to increase the feeling of pleasure. I did not notice anything.

    + Classification: Three points for the design, because not too intimidating, and the mechanism is simple. But only two points in efficiency. I did not orgasm and in the end it was my boyfriend who finished the job.

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Showing 1 - 30 of 223 items